GymGear Spartan Club Rig / Functional Training Rig


The Spartan Club Rig is the perfect option for group exercise classes where space needs to be utilised effectively. The rig features a variety of stations including an Adjustable Pulley, punchbag, medicine ball rebounder, chin up, functional pivoting olympic bar, Suspension training, plyometric step, and battle rope. Both sides of the rig offer a variety of exercises to cater for up to 10 people at a time, ideal for smaller circuit classes, personal training or on the gym floor.

Dimensions: L 494 x W 367 x H 224 (cm). The recommended required operating space would be 5 m x 4 m.

Accessories Included:

1 x Suspension Trainers
1 x DAP Training Belt
1 x bungee cord
8 x Integrated Accessory storage trays (For medicine balls, kettlebells etc)
6 x U Link adjustment columns (For attaching suspension trainers / power bands etc)
1 x Battle Rope
1 x Adjustable Step / Plyometric Platform
1 x Chin Up bars
1 x Set of Gym Gear Kettlebells (4, 8, 12 & 16kg rubber coated / chrome handled kettlebells)
1 x Medicine Ball Set (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5kg)
1 x Double Grip Medicine Ball Set (6, 8 & 10kg)
1 x Medicine Ball Rebounder
1 x 4ft Punchbag & Bag Mitts
1 x Powerband set
1 x Core Trainer & Bar