InBody 970 Body Composition Analyser Package

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InBody 970 Brochure

The high-end InBody970 is developed with the accumulated technology of InBody to set a new standard for body composition analysis. InBody970 Result Sheets, have the most various and useful data among other InBody devices, and the InBody970’s magnificent design goes beyond the boundaries of apparatus design to use from young children to athletes and the extremely obese.

The InBody970 is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and new ergonomic design to better suit patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before. 

Package Includes:

  • InBody 970 Professional Device
  • InBody Electrolyte Tissues (200pcs)
  • PUSH In-Lab S50 Portable Stadiometer (Grey)
  • Sandisk 16GB USB
  • 2 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • InBody Academy Account
  • Free InBody Customer App
  • Online Media Material

Innovative Design

The InBody970 delivers a new seamless look with the premise of detail. The concave head design protects the privacy of the subject during measurement while also enhancing user’s visibility. Stainless electrodes and enhanced footplate improve conductivity and allow weight measurement up to 300kg. With four corner loadcells, your measurement starts right after step on the device.

Accurate 3MHz High-Frequency Measurement Technology 

The higher the frequency, the more difficult it is to control the frequency in the human body which results in an unstable impedance measurement.​ The InBody970 overcame this limitation and applied the world’s first 3MHz frequency which penetrates through our cell membranes even better. 

Smart InBody Measurement

The ID recognition process can be performed quickly and with ease by using the InBody Band, Fingerprint, or Barcode scanner.

7 Different Result Sheets for In-depth Analysis 
• Evaluation Result Sheet can be used to evaluate and compare body composition results by age. 
• Research Result Sheet incorporates frequently used parameters and provides segmental graphs that offer a more comprehensive analysis.
• Comparison Result Sheet provides a Cole-Cole plot graph along with other significant parameters to compare previous and current results. 
• Visceral Fat Result Sheet can be used to monitor changes in subcutaneous and visceral fat. 
* Body Composition Result Sheet, Body Composition Result Sheet for Children, Body Water Result Sheet are also available.*

InBody are global leaders in body composition analysis, providing accurate and reliable body composition results. InBody provide an essential tool used in both medical and health and fitness industries. InBody provides precise, useful, and accurate body composition data to their users because they know that InBody combines convenience, accuracy, and reproducibility into one easy-to-use device.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 964 x 615 x 1240 mm
Height Range
95 – 220 cm
Weight: 46kg
Database 100,000 results (if member ID is utilized)
1, 5, 50, 250, 500 kHz; 1, 2, 3 MHz
Test Duration
70 Seconds
Weight Range
5 - 300kg
Warranty 2 Years
Compatible Printers
Laser/Inkjet PCL 3 or above and SPL
Compatible Devices BSM 170B, BSM 270B, BPBIO 320S, BPBIO 750

Compatible Result Sheets

Body Composition, Body Water, Children,
Research, Evaluation, Comparison

40 impedance measurements,
8 frequencies at each of the 5 segments
(Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)

Additional Features
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Fingerprint and BAND Recognition
  • Cloud Service
  • Barcode Scanner Integration
  • Quad Load Cell Capability
  • Level Indicator
  • Customer Logo
  • Manual Weight Input and Adjustment Capability
  • Touchscreen
  • Database (Export CSV, Backup, Restore, Combine)
Outputs  Body Composition and Body Water
Body Composition Analysis (Weight, TBW [Total Body Water], Dry Lean Mass, Body Fat Mass, FFM [Fat-Free Mass], ICW [Intracellular Water], ECW [Extracellular Water]), Body Water Composition (TBW, ICW, ECW), Muscle-Fat Analysis (Weight, SMM [Skeletal Muscle Mass], Body Fat Mass), Obesity Analysis and Evaluation (BMI [Body Mass Index], PBF [Percent Body Fat]), Segmental Lean Analysis (Fat-Free Mass, ECW/TBW, Based on ideal weight/Based on current weight: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), Segmental Body Fat Analysis (Based on ideal weight/Based on current weight: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), Segmental Body Water Analysis (Body Water, Based on ideal weight/Based on current weight: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), Segmental ICW Analysis (Based on ideal weight/Based on current weight: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), Segmental ECW Analysis (Based on ideal weight/Based on current weight: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), ECW/TBW Analysis, Body Composition History (Weight, SMM, PBF, ECW/TBW), Body Water Composition History (Weight, TBW, ICW, ECW, ECW/TBW), InBody Score, Visceral Fat Area and Level (Graph), Body Fat-Fat-Free Mass Control [Body Fat Mass, FFM), Nutrition Evaluation (Protein, Minerals, Body Fat Mass), Body Balance Evaluation (Upper, Lower, Upper-Lower), Research Parameters (BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate], Waist Circumference, Bone Mineral Content, Body Cell Mass, Arm Circumference, FFMI [Fat-Free Mass Index], FMI [Fat Mass Index], SMI [Skeletal Muscle Index], Recommended Calorie Intake, Recommended Calorie Intake [manual], Calorie Expenditure of Exercise, SMM/Weight, Extracellular Mass/Body Cell Mass, TBW/Weight, Leg Lean Mass, TBW/FFM, ICW/FFM, Water Control, SMI History), Blood Pressure† (Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure, Rate Pressure Product), Results Interpretation QR Code, QR Code, Segmental Phase Angle (5, 50, 250 kHz: RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), Whole Body Phase Angle (50 kHz: the right side of the body), Whole Body Phase Angle History, Impedance (Each segment and each frequency) Graph, BIVA (Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis) Graph