Primal Pro Series Full Power Rack Matte Nero


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The Commercial Full Power Rack is designed for elite sports teams, commercial gyms and PT studios. Backed with a lifetime, full commercial-frame warranty and engineered using 11 gauge/3mm laser-cut steel, it is not only heavy-duty but a stylish rack that has been thoroughly tested to withstand loads of up to 500kg.

The rack is designed with multiple laser-cut, numbered holes to ensure the spotter catchers and Primal Strength Sandwich J-Hooks can be set at any height. The adjustable chin attachment can also be set at multiple heights and the rack can be fully attached to other stealth racks to create a full wall of racks if desired.

The power rack frame is supported by an extended base structure to ensure a 500kg maximum load capacity and security when performing a wide range of exercises. The open, extended base frame allows for any bench to be fully utilised in the power rack and allows spotters ample room to support the lifter.

The multi-grip chin up option offers a wide range of grips, these include; vertical and horizontal wide-grip chin-up handles, vertical and horizontal close-grip chin-up handles and mid-range angled-grip chin-up handles.

The Commercial Full Power Rack comes in Matte Nero, with Matte Nero accessories and is complemented with Stealth Black Bolts. The Power Rack has an optional Dip Attachment and optional Power Safety Straps to allow any lifter the safety of a spotter without the worry of damaging an Elite Olympic bar when dropped or providing the support to safely roll the bar away from the user on a failed/dropped lift.

This Commercial Power Rack is designed to be used with any of the Primal Strength Olympic Bars.


  • Made from Full, Commercial-Grade, Heavy-Duty 11 Gauge/3mm Steel
  • Adjustable-Height, Multi-Grip Chin-Up Frame
  • Premium Rubber, Moulded-Sandwich J-Hooks and Spotter Catcher Arms
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty with 500kg Maximum Load Capacity
  • Optional Commercial Safety Straps & Dip Attachment


  • Dimensions: 126 × 140 × 230.5 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Matte Nero(Black)
  • Warranty Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- Two Years Parts