Primal Performance Series Urethane Competition Kettlebell


  • Built for commercial gyms
  • Durable urethane construction for longevity
  • Maintains appearance without chipping or marks
  • Competition standard dimensions for consistent technique
  • Brushed steel handle for superior grip over chrome finishes
  • Subtle grooves for enhanced comfort during training

Introducing the Primal Performance Series Urethane Competition Kettlebells, specifically designed to excel in the most demanding commercial gym environments while maintaining their sleek appearance without any chipping or surface marks.

Built with highly durable urethane, these kettlebells are engineered to withstand the rigors of high-traffic gyms. The competition standard dimensions ensure that whether you're lifting the lightest or heaviest weights in the range, the technique remains consistent, thanks to the uniform kettlebell dimensions and handle design.

The Urethane Competition Kettlebells feature a brushed steel handle, offering an unparalleled grip compared to traditional chrome finishes. This superior grip allows you to perform various movements, including two-handed swings, with confidence and control. Additionally, the subtle grooves on either side of the inner handle provide that extra bit of comfort, enhancing your overall kettlebell training experience.

Experience the ultimate in durability, performance, and comfort with the Primal Performance Series Urethane Competition Kettlebells, the perfect choice for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.