Primal Performance Series Plate Loaded Power Squat


  • Adjustable width shoulder pads
  • Integrated squat ramp
  • Multiple plate loading positions
  • Single leg stability
  • Full Range Lower Body Development

Easily choose between multiple safety stop positions to control the range of motion.

Adjustable Width Shoulder pads. The high density foam shoulder pads adjust on a linear rail so users of all sizes have a secure and comfortable set-up.

Integrated Squat Ramp. The non slip foot platform features a detachable squat ramp that can be mounted in three positions. The ramp raises the heels to overcome limitations in ankle mobility and allow a safe full range squat to be performed. When the Ramp is not in use it detaches easily and can be stored beneath the foot plate platform.

Multiple Plate Loading Positions. A total of 4 plate loading positions mean you can personalise the resistance curve of the machine by selectively loading either the upper or lower weight horns. Weight loaded to the top horns decreases in resistance as you stand up. Weight loaded to the lower horns provides increasing resistance as you stand up.

Single Leg Stability. The Power Squat can also be used for performing split stance lunges. The increased stability and adjustable safety stops let you confidently train to the maximum with no fear of loss of balance.

The Primal Performance Series Plate Loaded Power Squat provides full range squatting and lunging to maximise development of the lower body muscles with none of the discomfort or risk inherent in a barbell movement


Net weight (kg) 216
Product size (cm) 1750 x 1780 x 1090 mm
Warranty Full commercial use - 5 years frames, 3 years parts, 1 year on pads, cables, pulleys/wearables. 1 year labour.