Ziva Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell


ZIVA Signature Competition Kettlebell

Designed with world renowned kettlebell authority, Steve Cotter, the ZIVA Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell is built to meet the standards of those who train and compete with kettlebells at the highest and most demanding levels.

In addition to meeting international competition standard dimensions, including the rare 35 mm handle diameter, the Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell features a unique hard-wear, universally textured surface, especially conducive to taking and holding chalk for extended bouts of performance.

The upward-loaded, no fill steel construction results in a lower moment of torque in all movements, with a distinctly crisp balance especially noticeable in ballistic rotator moves. Add to that the smallest weight increments available anywhere, and you’ve got the most serious line of competition kettlebells in the world.

  • Designed with kettlebell authority Steve Cotter
  • Standard International competition dimensions
  • Textured surface holds chalk better for extended performance
  • No fill steel construction
  • 35mm diameter handle