York Cast Iron 1" Weight Plates

SKU 2419

York Fitness Standard Cast Iron Weight Plates are designed to fit all standard 1 inch diameter bars. 

Made from steel and finished in black these hard wearing, durable weights proudly show the YORK brand name. Famous for producing weight plates for over 80 years there are more weight plates branded York in the world than any other brand.

York Fitness Standard Cast Iron Weight Plates are available from 1.25 KG through to 25 KG in the following packs;

 Weight Number of Plates in Pack
1.25 KG x 8 
2.5 KG x 4
5 KG x 4
7.5 KG x 2
10 KG x 2
15 KG x 1
20 KG x 1
25 KG x 1

The York Fitness Standard Weight Plates are perfect for increasing the workout load of your equipment. They can be added to all 1 inch dumbbell bars and barbells along with being used for plate loading appropriate equipment.

Progressively adding weight to your workout is key for muscle growth and increasing strength.

A reliable set of quality weight plates is fundamental for compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, military press, skull-crushers and bench presses. 

The Optional 1" Plate Display Stand is the perfect way to store your 1" weight plates in your home or garage gym.

Use to display your 1" cast or vinyl weight plates and keep them up off the floor and ready to load.

With 6 storage pegs in one compact unit you can store up to 6 different weights in one convenient unit. The inside pegs are designed for the smaller weights whilst the outer pegs can accommodate up to 25 kg plates.

On occasion the design of the plate delivered may differ slightly from image shown.
** Weight plates only ** No bar included **