York Barbell Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebells

SKU 15202

The York Barbell Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebells are a USA bestseller. Now available in the UK these commercial-grade cast iron kettlebells deliver on performance and value. 

The range features a uniquely positioned handle for a smooth, ergonomic swing.

Finished in rugged mat black cast iron these durable dumbbells have a solid base to ensure stable placement on the ground. 

Cast kettlebells are smaller than their equivalent vinyl versions making them perfect for a variety of exercises including the Russian Swing, One-Armed Clean, and the Two-Armed Push Press, as well as acting as a weight aid for squats and lunges.

The following weights are available in the Hercules range of Kettlebells; 

Product Note: 
Please note that the 4 KG Kettlebell only has the KG weight on the front.