York 530 Heavy Duty Multi-Function Barbell Bench

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The York Fitness 530 Heavy Duty Multi-function Barbell Bench is an incredible versatile piece of home training equipment.

The bench can be positioned into five different positions (incline to decline) by simply removing and replacing the adjustable bar behind the backrest.

Three seat pad positions help prevent the user sliding down the bench when working out at steeper inclines. A real pro feature for a home bench.

A comfortable bench press position can be obtained thanks to the barbell rack having 3 heights levels.

A quality leg curl unit is included that can be plate loaded with standard 1" cast weights. A spring collar is included to ensure a secure fit

The high quality preacher curl and lat pull down attachment options are available to purchase separately to expand you benches workout options further.

Adjustable Seat Pad

Workout in comfort with professional seat pad adjustment which prevents the user sliding off the bench at steeper inclines.

York Fitness 530 Barbell BenchYork Fitness 530 Barbell BenchYork Fitness 530 Barbell Bench

Adjustable barbell rack height and Leg Curl Unit

The barbell rack can be adjusted to 3 heights to find the perfect workout level.

The Leg Curl unit features large cushioned pads and can be plate loaded with standard 1" weight plates. A spring collar is included to safely secure the plates.

York Fitness 530 Barbell BenchYork Fitness 530 Barbell Bench

Attachments (Not Included)

The York Fitness 530 Barbell Bench features an attachment slot above the leg curl unit. Available to purchase separately the York Fitness Preacher Curl and Lat Pull Down Attachments further enhance the workout options and deliver a versatile home gym experience.

Key Features:

  • 5 Workout Positions
  • 3 Incline Positions
  • 1 Flat
  • 1 Decline
  • Adjustable seat pad to prevent slipping on incline work.
  • Adjustable heavy duty 2" barbell rack.
  • Leg Curl Unit with large padded foam rollers to protect ankles.
  • Spring collar included to plate load leg curl.
  • Attachments available separately for preacher curl and lat pull down.
  • Max User Weight 200 KG (including User)


  • Length 165 cm
  • Width 72 cm
  • Height 100 - 123 cm
  • Product Weight 25 KG


Brand York Fitness
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New