Osim uDivine V2 Massage Chair

SKU OS-8212 Mocha

Rejuvenate with innovative technology
As you embark on your life journey, you are bound to encounter stress and fatigue. OSIM uDivine V2 relaxes your mind and body to recharge your spirit and inspire you to take on more challenges to come.

Experience uDivine V2’s invigorating 4-Hand Massage with V-HandTM Technology that deliver the highest standards of a full-body massage, so you can feel rejuvenated and stay focused on your goals.

Massage programs for the new generation
Enhance your well-being with uDivine V2’s precise massages that target your pain points accurately and alleviate stress and fatigue accumulated over the day. With its curated suite of auto massage programs, uDivine V2 can cater to the diverse lifestyle needs of you and your family so there is a massage solution for everyone.

Head-to-toe pleasure for complete revitalization
1. V-Hand™ Massage for head, neck & shoulders
2. Soothing warmth on back
3. Intense airbag massage for arms
4. 4-Hand Massage on back & butt
5. Revitalizing massage for hands and palms
6. Tension relief massage for thighs and hips
7. Power squeeze, vibration and rollers on calves, ankles and feet

OSIM AI Learning
Look forward to a constantly improving massage experience as the OSIM AI technology analyzes your massage preferences in the cloud to develop better and smarter massage programs for you. 

Neutral colours, perfect for every home
Featuring an aesthetically pleasing curvature design, uDivine V2 comes in two easy-to-match colours – Mocha and Silver – perfectly complementing any contemporary living space.