Tribe Active 20mm Black Anti Shock Flooring (1x1m)


Introducing our revolutionary product, the Anti-Shock 20mm Tile – your ultimate gym flooring solution. Engineered to perfection, this tile not only absorbs the impact of your workout equipment but also boasts a timeless beveled design that adds a touch of sophistication to your space. We’ve spared no effort in ensuring its durability, so you can say goodbye to unsightly dark patches that plague lower-grade alternatives. Our secret? A superior material selection and meticulous production techniques.

Rest assured, all our flooring products are proudly crafted in the European Union and come with a REACH certificate. Should you desire, we are more than willing to share our comprehensive lab reports as a testament to the exceptional quality of our flooring.

Where does the Anti-Shock 20mm Tile shine?

  • Your garage gym or home studio
  • Your commercial gym facility
  • Studio class spaces
  • Any other setting where shock reduction is paramount
Curious about whether this tile is the perfect fit for your specific needs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We’re dedicated to guiding you towards the right choice.
  • 1x1m tiles
  • 20mm
  • Bevel Edge
  • REACH Certified
  • 1000kg/m3
  • Vulcanized

*Please note, there is a minimum order requirement of 10 tiles, if less than this is required an additional charge may be added to your order*