The Abs Company Glute Coaster TL™


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The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative, commercial-strength abdominal and functional training equipment for the development of core strength. Founded in 2006 by New Jersey fitness professionals, it is committed to making exciting, unique pieces for all levels of fitness, and to optimising space with products that are intuitive and motivational. 

The ALL NEW patent pending Glute Coaster TL is the redesign of the super popular Glute Coaster found in facilities worldwide. The smaller footprint and whisper-quiet trackless design is exactly what you’ve been asking for! The down and back motion of the Glute Coaster TL remains the most effective way to train the glutes in a safe and functional way. The 170 lb weight stack provides a progressive workout for users of all abilities.

Ergonomic Handles. Elongated handles allow for user comfort and multiple grip positions for users of all heights.

Patented Trackless Design. The down and back motion provides perfect form with every rep.

Comfortable Foot Rests. Large comfortable foot rests provide complete support for the working and resting foot.

Selectorized Weight Stack. 200 lb (90kg) weight stack provides a progressive workout from beginner to advanced.

Product Dimesnions:   63” L x 34” W x 67"H (160 cm x 86 cm x 170 cm)
Unit Weight: 500 lbs (226 kg)
Training Range: 0-170 lb (0-77 kg)