Spirit Functional Trainer

SKU SP-3526

Spirit Functional Trainer features sliding pulleys and independent weight stacks that allow for multiple users or bi-lateral movement patterns with full range of motion. Spirit strength equipment is constructed to withstand the load for an advanced user and is easy-to-use for those just beginning to strength train.

This cable-based functional training machine has two independent weight stacks for individual resistance per limb, push/pull movements, or to accommodate two users at the same time.

Spirit Functional Trainer includes everything you need for nearly unlimited exercises including Pull-ups, chin-ups, incline press, chest press, decline press, tricep press, pec fly, shoulder fly, shoulder press, high/mid/low row, lateral raise, internal/external rotation, bicep curl, hip abduction, hip flexion, core rotation, leg extension, squat, leg curls, and more.

The commercial construction requires little general maintenance to provide optimal performance for years to come.
Product features:
  • 1:2 ratio for easy starting and rapid work out
  • Multi accessories gives the user training variety
  • Ergonomically design in grips for trainer persistence

Product dimensions: 

  • 840x1520x2120mm / 33”x60”x83”

Product weight:

  • 286kg


  • Standard Warranty 3yrs Parts & Labour