Spirit Fitness CT850 Treadmill (Black)

SKU ST8100-CT001-31F

Weighing over 150 kilograms, the steel frame and aluminum console masts of our treadmills withstand rigorous commercial use. The CT850 performs with brushless, cool-running drive motor. Three-inch rollers complement heavy duty frames. These strong foundations translate into longterm reliability and user comfort - the best motivator for workouts. The CT850 has the most diverse program options, including Calorie and 10k Run for the most ambitious trainings.


    • Incline: A single treadmill can achieve diverse workout patterns. The CT850 allow up to 15% incline, demanding more muscle activity as the incline increases.
    • Multi-ply Belt: The multi-ply Habasit (R) Commercial Belt is a genuine Swiss-manufactured component, with a track record in longer belt life. The Habasit (R) belt enjoys no noise or tracking problems, low energy consumption, and a refined appearance. Together with the Habasit (R) belt, the wax deck system provides hassle-free maintenance, requiring no additional lubrication for thousands of miles.
    • Deck Area: Comfort is granted through a spacious 22" x - 60" workout area for tall users.
    • Cushioning: Six cushions evenly distribute pressure, ensuring less stress on users' joints.
    • Cardiovascular Endurance Program: The Gerkin Protocol is a standardized cardiovascular endurance test, professionally used by firefighters. It reveals user's cardiorespiratory fitness as they run. The program will gradually increase speed and incline until the time expires or when you reach 85% of projected heart rate maximum. By knowing where your cardiovascular health stands, you can monitor over your fitness goals better.
    • CT850 Console: The CT850 console not only adds more storage space, but has additional feedback on the bright LED display, including pace and METs, which measures approximately how much oxygen users burn as they run.
    • Console Feedback: The bright LED screen displays all pertinent information is displayed during the workout and a summary of accumulated data scrolls when you have finished.
    • Heart Rate % Profile: Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. Our Heart Rate % Profile gives you a quick reference of your % compared to maximum projected heart rate. The LED lights up in Amber for 50-60%, Green for 65% to 80%, and Red for 85%+.
    • Dual Fans: Cooling fans are standard on all of our treadmills. This may just be the reason individuals extend their workout by a few minutes.
  • Quick Keys: The ability to quickly program a specific incline or speed with one key strike.

The CT850 performs with brushless, cool-running drive motor. Three-inch rollers complement heavy duty frames.


  • Motor: AC 4.0 HP
  • Speed Range: 0.8-20 KPH
  • Incline Range: 0-15 Levels
  • Console Display: Large LED
  • Workout Programs: 12
  • Handpulse Grip: Yes
  • Remote Speed/incline Switch: N/A
  • Built-in Receiver: Yes
  • Speakers & Audio Jack: N/A
  • Frame Running Surface: 22" x 60" [560 x 1525 mm]
  • Carton Size: 2251 x 957 x 540 mm
  • Max. User Weight: 150 KG


Brand Spirit Fitness
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 3 years Parts and Labour.