Spirit 4 Stack Multi Station

SKU SP-3604

Cable Machines
  • Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley
  • Triceps Pressdown
  • Low Row
  • Lat Pulldown


3418x1920x2290mm / 134”x75”x90”


122kg x 4 / 270lbs x 4


841kg / 1854lbs

With 21 products, the Dyaco Pin Select range caters to most gym operators’ needs, however specific they are. Users will simply feel each piece’s premium quality, from the look, build quality and features that reassure members they are working out in a quality venue.

Both obvious and subtle features reinforce this premium quality feel, such as:

  • Superior upholstery with double-stitch lining for increased durability;
  • Independent converging and diverging movements on relevant products that deliver a smooth, natural feel whilst being functionally and biomechanically sound;
  • Premium adjustment options to give each user a more comfortable and customised workout experience.
  • Comfort and safety have been carefully engineered into this range’s designs, including:
  • Ergonomic seat pads that support each user’s position to provide a safe training experience; through to
  • Gas-assisted seat mechanisms allowing users to easily adjust position whilst on the product.

Make your venue look visually appealing, with product design features such as low-level uniform stack height. Together with an enjoyable workout experience on Dyaco equipment, its compact footprint design allows more space if you want more products. The perfect set up to win and retain more members in your facility for an unrivalled value.