Sasaki 9 Series Royal King 5D massage chair


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  • 6 simulated massage techniques, includingkneading, shiastsu, tapping, knocking, rollering, scraping; 13 massage modes
  • Motor: 5D intelligent four-wheel mechanical hand massage
  • Airbag: 56 airbags, freely display the function of airbag massage
  • 149cm Sl-type guide rail walking 5D manipulator
  • Stereo: Equipped with 2 bluetooth hifi-quality stereos
  • Heating: Two groups of carbon fiber heating function, 45-50° constant temperature to achieve lumbar hyperthermia
  • Calf: adaptive spring stretch function, can be adjusted freely according to height;fully wrapped airbag; seperate leather calf airbags
  • Backrest/calf/seat linkage can achieve zero gravity posture
  • Space-saving function
  • Foot: 3-in-1 rolling, shiatsu and kneading foot massage
  • Body detection: Body feeling detection; Body heath detection: heartheat detection, pressure detection; etc.
  • Width Adjustment
  • Thai stretch
  • Armrest controller