Reax Lights - Reaction Training


Reax Lights is an innovative lights system which boasts the greatest versatility and ease of use. Reax Lights is an incredible fitness tool designed to train and stabilize the athlete’s neuromuscular response as well as improve the speed of such motor actions to be performed in the shortest possible time. Unlike other products already on the market, Reax Lights was created for the purpose of making training routine more stimulating and effective thanks to the versatility of its cutting-edge satellite system. Each satellite is equipped with magnets for a quick attachment to several accessories that can be applied on walls, floor, ceiling, metal surfaces, wall bars or any functional training facility. Reax Lights is controlled using a tablet over WIFI with a dedicated app, the only one available for iOS and Android. In just three simple steps you are ready to start your training session.

The use of different coloured lights and the position of the satellites allow for the design of training sessions which are suitable for sport preparation and for functional neuromotor recovery in rehabilitation phases.

Compared to other tools already on the market, the Reax Lights were conceived to make your routine workout more involving and performing, though a highly versatile mode of use, never seen before. Each satellite is equipped with an ON/OFF switch. High-performing lithium batteries can be charged more than 700 times. The user can download the app on a compatible tablet computer, or a dedicated tablet. The intuitive user interface doesn't require dedicated training. It takes a few seconds to start or change a workout programme.


Innovative System
Thanks to this inventive lights system, any kind of training that is intended to work on reaction timing and agility becomes incredibly interactive. The lights are controlled by any portable Android, iOS or Windows device thanks to the wireless router and optional Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities.

Extreme Durability
The Reax Lights can be used for a range of applications from sports performance training, small group X, personal training and PT/OT therapy sessions, physical education, sports camps. They are built to last. The casing is designed to withstand intense usage without sustaining any damage, the LED underneath is incredibly well protected.

Optional vertical wireless charging station with a tablet holder built-in available.

The (Apple, Android, Windows) may be available on certain products with programs for you to follow and create.

The backs of the Reax Lights are magnetic which allows for a range of different applications.

Tailor your workout with the Reax optionals such as chargers, Bluetooth connectivity and a WiFi router.


Brand Reax
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Months