Primal Pro Series Wishbone


The Primal Strength Wishbone is one of the most versatile and ingenious strength training tools available. The Primal Strength Wishbone incorporates natural angles of resistance that builds balance strength without compromising your joints. It provides neutral joint alignment at the wrists and shoulders plus natural weight distribution that sits comfortably in the midline of your body. The Wishbone alternative squats could be treated as a great accessory exercise for any lifter. The squat pads provide a firm and stable feel and the rotating handles allow many types of pulling, pushing and rotational exercises while keeping the wrists in a safe, neutral position.


  • The Wishbone adapts to you as opposed to you adapting to the rigid barbell
  • Allows natural flexion and extension of the ankles, knees and hips making it easy to learn!
  • Develop lower body functional size and strength
  • No weight sitting directly on your upper spine
  • No hyper extension of your shoulder
  • Dimensions 93.7 × 92.9 × 16.2 cm


  • Dimensions 93.7 × 92.9 × 16.2 cm