Primal Performance Series Olympic 5 Degree Smith Machine

SKU PSSS0006-2

The PRIMAL® Performance Series v2.0 Smith Machine (5 Degree) is a game-changing addition to your gym that embodies the grit, passion, and innovation synonymous with PRIMAL®. This commercial-grade Smith Machine is meticulously designed to cater to athletes and gym owners who demand the very best.

Experience the precision and biomechanical advantage of the unique 5-degree angle that optimises natural movement, ensuring a smooth and fluid motion for every lift. Built to withstand even the most rigorous workouts this machine boasts an impressive 250kg weight capacity, catering to those who constantly push their limits.

The counterbalanced design with a 5kg starting weight allows for seamless transitions between exercises and accommodates users of varying strength levels. With 10 rack positions and safety spotter supports, users can confidently push their boundaries knowing that PRIMAL® has their back.

Our PRIMAL® Performance Series v2.0 Smith Machine features a 25mm knurled bar with closed-bush bearings for unmatched stability and grip. The premium construction ensures a smooth, consistent lifting experience that will keep everyone coming back for more.

Designed with convenience in mind, our Smith Machine is also equipped with six Olympic weight plate holders, making it easy to organise and store your plates while keeping your gym space tidy. This attention to detail is a testament to PRIMAL's commitment to creating an exceptional training environment.

Investing in the PRIMAL® Performance Series v2.0 Smith Machine is more than just a choice of top-tier equipment; it's a reflection of your unwavering dedication to achieving unparalleled strength and performance. Join the ranks of those who have embraced the PRIMAL® way and discovered the difference our state-of-the-art strength equipment can make.

  • Counterbalanced with 5kg starting weight
  • 250kg weight capacity
  • 10 rack positions
  • Safety spotter supports
  • 25mm knurled bar with closed-bush bearings
  • 6 Olympic weight plate holders
Weight (kg)
Product size (cm) 214.5 x 98.9 x 231.6