Primal Pro Series Fitness Wooden Plyo Box


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The Commercial Wooden Plyobox will look superb in any functional gym, box or training facility. It comes in 50, 60cm, 75cm heights.

Plyo boxes are now a stable piece of equipment in all functional gyms and are widely used by athletes for both plyometric and interval training.

The Commercial Wooden Plyo Box has been thoroughly tested and is CNC precision-manufactured. It comes flat-packed with pre-drilled holes and a reinforced centre. The heavy weight box will not slip under use when used in conjunction with rubber gym flooring.

The Commercial Wooden Plyo Box comes with a full 1-year commercial indoor warranty.

  • Commercial Multi-Height wooden plyo box
  • Dimensions: 50cm by 60cm by 75cm
  • Weight: 11.8kg 
  • CNC Cut-Reinforced centre for extra durability
  • 1-Year Commercial Warranty