Primal Pro Series Olympic Chains 30kg Pair (15kg Per Chain)


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The Rebel Elite Fitness Olympic Chains are heavy-duty weight lifting commercial 15kg chains. The chains have an extended length of 183cm, making them far superior to cheaper chains which typically only extend to 150cm and do not work with squatting. The total weight of both chains is 30kg.

Olympic lifting chains help increase the resistance on the bar, as users lift the bar the chains move off the ground, gradually increasing the weight, this gives users an additional way to increase the resistance instead of simply lifting with weight plates.

Chains are excellent for building strength, overcoming sticking points when lifting, and increasing speed and acceleration. They can also be used for weighted pull-ups or dips and are a great addition to WOD’s or circuits.

The Rebel Elite Fitness Olympic Chains are backed with a full 1-year commercial warranty and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The chains should only be stored indoors.

  • Pair of Olympic Lifting Chains with Olympic Collars
  • 15kg weight per chain (30kg in total per pair)
  • Extended 183cm Length, Suitable for Squatting
  • Durable, Zinc-Coated Chain for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 1-Year Commercial Warranty