Primal Pro Series Fitness Harness

SKU PSAC0033-2

The Pro Series Fitness Harness Set incorporates an ‘H-shape’ body harness with adjustable nylon straps. These are secured using a plastic chest clip, 2 additional Nylon straps that connect to the Stealth Premium Prowler, with stainless steel carabiner clips included to complete the set.

Can be used with most prowlers and is also a great tool when training with a coach who can use their bodyweight as resistance and hold the additional straps during sprint drills. Harness sets are a great, low-cost piece of functional training equipment and are widely used for power work with prowlers and for speed work with the extendable nylon straps.

1-year home warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.

  • Harness Set with Body Harness, Nylon Straps, Carabiner Clips
  • Dual, Stainless Steel, Carabiner Clips Connect to the Primal Strength Stealth Prowler
  • Single Nylon Straps Connect to Each Side of the Body Harness
  • Can be Used for Speed and Power Work
  • 1-Year Home and 90-day Commercial Warranty