Primal Pro Series Multi Grip Lat Pull Down Bar


The Nexus Primary Fitness Multi-Grip Lat Pull-Down Bar is one of 7 Primal Strength accessories and is a must have for any gym, PT studio or sports facility.

The Nexus Lat Bar has multiple grip options; the wide grip has premium rubber, ergo-handles with oversized stoppers to ensure maximum comfort and safety when performing wide-grip lat pull downs. The straight part of the lat bar has medium grips and close-grip, pull-down with ergo-grip.

Lat pull-downs are probably the most commonly performed cable exercise in any gym or sports facility when targeting the back and the heavy-duty Nexus bar is perfect for this, and all other, cable pull-down exercises. The lat bar fits on all standard carabiner clips and has a heavy-duty, hardened-chrome bar, with a revolving, hardened-chrome centre. The rubber has a medium knurl for maximum grip.

All Nexus Primary Fitness Accessories are backed by a 1-year commercial warranty.

  • Hardened-Chrome, Wide Lat Bar with 3 Grip Options
  • Multiple, Ergo-Shaped, Wide and Narrow Premium-Rubber Grips
  • Oversized stopper-ends for Maximum Support When Using a Wide Grip
  • Revolving, Hardened-Chrome Centre, Laser-Etched with the Primal Strength Logo
  • 1-Year Commercial Warranty