Primal Performance Series Modular Power Rack


The Primal Strength Monster Series Performance Full Rack is engineered to maximise performance training in even the toughest of environments. Laser cut 75mm box section tubes are fixed to 10mm thick steel plate sections using the latest  welding technology, and a total of 8 foot plates including full length front extensions give unrivalled stability under load.

On top of this rock solid base the Monster Series Performance full rack comes “as standard” with a range of practical accessories including both monolift hooks and sandwich J-hooks, and 2 sets of safety catchers,  allowing for 2 barbells to be loaded on the rack at once.

Adjustable band pegs let you add band resistance or reverse band assistance to any movement, and an upgraded landmine provides the smoothest operation on the market for rows, presses and rotational movements.

The chin handles have 9 width position adjustments,  with 3 grip thicknesses, and rotate to allow any angle of grip to be used. The chin station is rounded out with climbing Dome style handles designed to maximise hand and forearm strength. 

The Full Rack can also be retro fitted with 100kg cable stacks (available separately) featuring a 1:1 ratio fixed position top pulley, and a sliding, height adjustable rotating pulley on a 2:1 ratio, allowing pulldowns, cable rows, crossovers and any other cable exercise to be performed.

Extensively tested and overbuilt to stand up to the toughest of training environments, the Monster Series Performance Full Rack is also compatible with an unrivalled range of Primal Strength accessories allowing you to start with the base and build it into the multifunctional centrepiece of your training facility.

  • 75x75mm Box Section with Overbuilt supports
  • New Multi-Grip Swivel Handles with Bearings
  • Climbing Dome Attachments & New Style landmine as Standard
  • Optional 100kg Stacks on 1:1 Ratio (top pulley), and 2:1 ratio (adjustable height pulley)
  • Monolifts & Premium Sandwich J-Hooks as Standard, with pins for additional security
  • Pin Safeties, Steel band Pegs, & Plate Storage horns as standard
Product size (cm) 250 x 205.5 x 229