Primal Pro Series Front Facing Lat Pulldown

SKU PSSS0409-2

  • Dual Lever loading system keeps tension on the muscle through the whole repetition.
  • Width adjustable, free-floating rotating handles on a precision laser cut mount make any grip possible.
  • Adjustable seat can be moved forward or backwards to alter the angle of the resistance arm.
  • High Quality heavy gauge steel frame
  • Super smooth Industrial grade pillow block bearings
  • The Primal Front Facing Lat Pulldown provides a safe and comfortable method to overload the muscles of the lats and upper back. Rotating, width adjustable handles let you take any grip you wish, and the adjustable position seat allows both “pulldown” and “high row” movements to be performed.
Adjustable seat position.
Set the seat all the way forward for a near vertical Pulldown, or move it back and the angle changes to be a High Row. Find the perfect position to isolate either lats or upper back / rear delts.
Adjustable Grip Width
The width of the handles is easily adjusted with a pop pin, from a wide grip pronated grip pulldown, to a close grip supinated or neutral grip set up, anything is possible.
Swing Arm Handle Mount
The free rotating handles are mounted on a swing arm, allowing the line of force to adjust as the lever arm moves down towards your body. This leads to an exceptionally smooth and comfortable motion that automatically adjusts to your bodies preferred motion path.
Freely Rotating 360 degree handles
The bearing mounted handles can rotate freely even during a rep. If you or your clients struggle with painful wrists or elbows during pulldowns, or have shoulder issues that create pain in specific positions, then the ability to rotate your grip to any angle you wish during back movements could be just what you're looking for to alleviate discomfort and allow continued strength and muscle building in a safe and comfortable range of motion.
The Primal Front Facing Lat Pulldown provides maximum stimulation for the lats and upper back muscles in both pulldown and high row exercises.