Primal Pro Series Kneeling Squat Thrust Bench


The GLS by Primal Strength Kneeling Squat Thrust Bench provides a safe and comfortable base for performing a variety of popular glute building exercises including kneeling hip thrusts, fire hydrants, cable kickbacks and standing abduction and adduction exercises; simply pair with a strap and a low cable pulley, or a resistance band.

When performing Kneeling Squats with a barbell or Smith Machine, the weight moves in the vertical plane (up and down) whilst the hips are moving in the sagittal plane (forward and back). Because of this, there is almost zero resistance on the glutes in the contracted position. The Kneeling Squat Thrust Bench instead puts the resistance directly behind the hips, providing maximal resistance to hip extension so you can really fire up and squeeze your glutes!

For other prone glute exercises like fire hydrants or kickbacks,  the premium upholstered pad keeps you comfortable whilst the upright handles stabilise your body position so you can fully contact your glutes against the resistance. For standing cable exercises, the handles once again provide you with stability so you can extend, abduct or adduct your hips without feeling like your are losing balance.

The GLS by Primal Strength Kneeling Squat Thrust Bench maximises your stability, comfort and working weight when performing several of the most popular cable Glute exercises.

  • Comfortably perform the kneeling hip thrusts and other cable loaded glute movements
  • Provides a comfortable and stable base for donkey kickbacks, fire hydrants, and standing abduction exercises
  • Pair with any low cable station or elastic band resistance