Primal Pro Series Group PT Rig 1


The Primal Strength PT Rig 1 is a complete integrated solution to equipping your gym, PT studio or box facility.

The Primal Strength PT Rig lets you move seamlessly from free weight barbell lifts in the rack area, to bodyweight exercises, dumbbell work, conditioning drills and more in the adjacent activity space. The integrated racking storage shelves put all the tools of the trade easily at hand whilst keeping your work area safe and free from clutter, and the landmine unit, wall ball target and chinning bars add even more training options to your sessions.

Both the rack uprights and the rear cross members are crafted from 3mm thick laser cut 60mm box section, which combines with the floor mounting plates to give unrivalled stability in use. This rig won’t rattle! A chip resistant matte nero powder coat finishes the job, giving years of life and a clean, purposeful look to your gym.

The double length straight round bar spans an impressive 1.86 metres across the activity bay, giving plenty of room for kipped chins, muscle-ups, and toes to bar exercises; or as an anchor point for Primal Strength Nexus Gym rings to open up even more gymnastic training options.

With Power Band pegs, wall ball target and a landmine unit all included rotational movement patterns, accommodating resistance and explosive throwing drills are all available so no matter what you or your clients training goals, the PT Rig will provide you with all the tools you need.

Comes complete with 1 pair of UHMWPE “sandwich” style J-hooks, 1 x Angled Chinning bar, 2 x straight multi-function round bars, 1 x Landmine attachment, 1 x Wall ball target,1 set of Power Band pegs,1 set of full length Safety straps, 1 set of locking steel front safeties and 3 rack mounted storage shelves that will keep your kettlebells, medicine balls and barbells neatly in place and right at hand.

The Primal Strength PT Rig sets your facility apart from the crowd; increasing your efficiency and providing all the tools you need to deliver varied and effective training programs that your clients will love.


  • High Quality 60x60x3 steel frame for both uprights and cross members.
  • Laser cut, Robotically Welded & numbered uprights
  • Built in storage racking for Dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Bulgarian bags etc.
  • Comes complete with :
  • Pair of UHMWPE Sandwich style J-hooks
  • 1 x Angled multi-grip Chinning bar
  • 2 x straight multi-function round bars
  • 1 x Landmine attachment
  • 1 x Wall ball target
  • 1 set of Power Band pegs
  • 1 set of full length Safety straps
  • 1 set of locking steel front safeties


Weight 430.0 kg
Height 3.39m Target, 2.40m rig
Product size (cm) 333 x 171 x 339
Warranty Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial - Two Years Parts