Primal Pro Series GLS Bench Buddy


The Bench Buddy automatically sets your body in the anatomically correct position to enable you to maximise every set and rep of every chest workout.

Free your shoulder blades to move as nature intended and get increased range of motion, deeper stretch, better muscle activation and more pec grpwth from every rep of every exercise in your chest day workout with The Bench Buddy.

The Bench Buddy turns any ordinary bench, chest press or fly machine into a pec building powerhouse with:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased pectoral muscle recruitment
  • Support for the glenoid to reduce shoulder stress compared to a narrow back bench
  • Natural protraction and retraction of the shoulder blades during the pressing movement
  • The Bench Buddy fits easily to almost any standard bench or chest machine, instantly converting the flat surface into a triple layer memory foam wedge that shapes to your body, allowing full range of motion whilst maintaining support and comfort, letting you focus 100% on your pecs!

Simply place the Bench Buddy over any bench or chest press machine, secure in position with the elasticated straps and the non slip backing material will keep it firmly in place. There’s no tools required and it won’t damage your existing upholstery. You can use it on flat, incline or decline benches or machine variations to get increased range of motion, increased pec muscle stimulation and bigger, stronger pecs.

Featuring a tough marine ply base, a 5 piece triple layer construction of varying density solid and memory foams and a hardwearing vinyl cover the Bench Buddy will cope with whatever your training environment can throw at it.


  • Shaped triple layer foam pad ensures the correct anatomical position to maximise pectoral muscle recruitment during any pressing or flye exercise.
  • Marine ply base.
  • Firm, medium density and memory foams provide support and mould to perfectly fit your body.
  • Dual Velcro straps to easily attach to any bench or chest machine.
  • Hardwearing vinyl cover.
  • Non-slip back material.