Primal Pro Series Pin-Select Lat Pulldown/Seated Row


  • Dual-Function Design: Perform Lat Pulldown and Seated Row exercises in one machine for efficient space use.
  • 135kg Weight Stack: Provides ample resistance for various fitness levels.
  • Balanced Pulley Ratio: 1:1 Weight Stack Pulley Ratio ensures consistent resistance.
  • Adjustable Height: Customise Pulldown Height for optimal range of motion and user comfort.
  • Comfortable Seat: Large Adjustable Seat Pad supports proper alignment during workouts.
  • Versatile Exercises: Suitable for Lat Pulldown, High Cable, and Low Cable Rows.
  • Flexible Options: Available with or without a shroud to match your gym's setup.
  • Complete Attachments: Includes Lat Bar and Seated Row attachments for a comprehensive workout experience.

Introducing the Primal Pro Series Pin Select Lat Pulldown Seated Row, a versatile and essential addition to your fitness facility. With its dual functionality, this machine seamlessly transitions from lat pulldown exercises to seated rows, offering a comprehensive upper body workout experience.

Key Features:

Dual Functionality: Perform both lat pulldown and seated row exercises on a single machine, optimizing space and workout options.

135kg Weight Stack: The substantial weight stack provides ample resistance for users of various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

1:1 Weight Stack Pulley Ratio: Experience smooth and balanced resistance, ensuring consistent workout intensity.

Adjustable Pulldown Height: Accommodate users of all heights and maximize range of motion with adjustable pulldown height.

Large Adjustable Seat Pad: The ergonomically designed seat pad ensures comfort during exercises while promoting proper body alignment.

Versatile Exercises: Perform lat pulldowns, high cable exercises, and low cable rows for a comprehensive upper body workout.

Customizable Options: Choose to purchase with or without a shroud, adapting the machine to your facility's aesthetic and layout.

Complete Attachments: The machine comes with a lat bar and seated row attachments, providing all the tools needed for effective workouts.

Elevate your fitness facility with the Primal Pro Series Pin Select Lat Pulldown Seated Row, offering versatility, durability, and a superior training experience for all users.