Primal Pro Series Teflon Coated "Its Heavy" Dual Olympic 8 Needle


The new Primal Teflon-Coated Dual “It’s Heavy” 8-Needle Olympic Bar is a UK first. We have utilised the same, damage-proofing Teflon style technology that protects household appliances to our barbell to apply an even higher level of durability than our ceramic coated bars. The bar has been engineered for multi-purpose use within heavy Powerlifting, Olympic-lifting and functional training applications.

When designing the “Its Heavy” Olympic Bar, we used 8-needle bearings for an extremely smooth, reduced-friction, quality, spin whilst ensuring a market-leading level of durability for heavy duty lifting. The bar is tested to a minimum of 190,000 lbs per square inch level and we machine-test each bar repeatedly under stresses of up to and including 1000kg. The Teflon coating also presents a best-in-class finish for Olympic bars. The knurl is slightly lighter than the ceramic coated bars at 1mm, making it more suitable for functional training and Olympic lifting style movements.

The “It’s Heavy” Olympic Bar has no centre knurl, utilising dual knurling for Power and Olympic lifting. The bar has a normal flex/whip and will always spring back perfectly. The phosphorised black sleeves have light knurling to grip the plates and are 50mm-diameter with laser-etched, Primal engraving. The heavy-duty bar is warrantied for being dropped when used with quality bumper plates.

The “It’s Heavy” Olympic Bar is one of a wide range of Primal bars and the range has been designed for use in any sports facility, commercial gym, PT studio or home. It has a unique, Teflon finish in several colours including our new Blue/Green Camo colour, the bars weigh exactly 20kg (aside from the ‘Linda’ Pink Teflon-Coated Bar which weighs 15kg) and is suitable with all Olympic-size, 50-51mm discs.

We recommend using the “It’s Heavy” Olympic Bar with our Performance Series Urethane Bumpers, Coloured Rubber Bumpers and our Performance Series Bumpers.

The “It’s Heavy” Olympic Bar has a three-year “no bend” warranty. Other components are covered for 1-year. To note; the warranty is only valid against bending if the bar hasn’t been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, poor storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes dropping the bar metal spotter arms or non-rubberised J-Hooks in a power rack, or excessive dropping with poor quality bumpers plates/rubber/iron plates. Wear and tear/scratching on the Teflon coating is excluded.