Primal Pro Series Jammer Arm Attachment


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Primal Strength Adjustable Jammer Arms are designed to add a traditional jammer press option to our V2 Half and Full Power Rack or any 75mm box section rack. Saving gyms and performance centres space whilst still developing athletic power.

Jammer Arms can be used to Press and pull, working a full range of power movements.

A new essential for any Strength & Performance Facility.

Made from 3mm/11 Gauge steel, with 12 adjustment heights, add Olympic discs or powerbands for resistance.

Two-Year Full Commercial Warranty.

Only suitable on the following racks

ALL variations of the V2 Half Rack

PSPR0005 Commercial Full Rack

PSPR0024 Monster Series Commercial Performance Rack

PSPR0013 Performance Wall

PSPR0031 PT Pod

  • Adjustable Height Jammer Arms
  • Suitable for our V2 Half Racks in all colour options and also PSPR0005, PSPR0024 , PSPR0013, PSPR0031
  • Suitable for 75mm Box Steel Uprights
  • 12 Adjustment Positions
  • Full Commercial Warranty