Physical Company Slam Balls (up to 15kg)


These balls don't bounce! Ultra stylish and durable these slam balls are designed to allow you to go longer and develop explosive power. The raised rubber texture helps maintain a tight grip after every rep and the robust outer shell absorbs each impact.

Slam balls are a great way to perform exercises to develop explosive power and target each muscle group giving you the versatility to perform a wide variety of exercises to improve upper body, lower body and core strength; flexibility; conditioning; and joint integrity.

Not suitable for slamming on rough surfaces (e.g. concrete, gravel). Wear and tear due to impact on rough surface is not covered under warranty.


  • Raised rubber texture and a tough outer shell to absorb impact
  • Perfect for developing explosive power
  • Versatile: can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises
  • Do not roll or bounce
  • Available from 3 to 15kg