Physical Company Olympic Safety Squat Bar


Training with this Olympic Safety Squat Bar is ideal for upper back, lower back, and leg work whilst applying minimal pressure on the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

This Olympic Bar is also great for addressing weak point in the squat.

Pre-loaded to 21kg, with a max load of 150kg. The arms are padded for extra safety and comfort 


  • Handles make it comfortable and safe to use
  • The shoulders and elbows are less affected when squatting
  • Padded for maximum safety and comfort
  • The design forces users to properly engage core muscles to maintain correct torso alignment
  • Distance between inside of handles: 300mm
  • Distance between bends at the top of the bar approx 1330mm
  • Handle length approx 320mm
  • Neck Pad length approx 280mm
  • Sleeve length approx 280mm
Weight 21.00 kgs
Full Commercial Yes
Home Use Yes
Installation Available No
Width (mm) 2200