• Increase circulation and range of motion to get the body better prepared for the demands of a workout with this muscle foam roller
    • Perfect for deep tissue massage, warm up/ cool down, soothing tight or sore muscles and releasing painful trigger points
    • Reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery times
    • Hard-wearing and durable, made from high-density EVA Material
    • Hollow core for lightness and compact size for portability - perfect for traveling.
    • Max loading 100kg

    Take myofascial release to the next level with the Performance Roller. The perfect muscle foam roller for anyone in need of performance enhancement, better mobility and general wellness.

    Equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is placed in the roller, this smart piece of kit give users access to a complete library of exercises and information, by simply holding a smart phone over the NFC Tag.

    Meticulously designed and tested by industry experts, The Performance Roller has been tailored to offer targeted, deep tissue massage.

    A unique patterned surface breaks down any knots and relieve muscles tightness for improved recovery and to help with injury prevention. It's raised edges insure anti-judder, while the channels help increase circulation during massage.

    Weight 1.00 kgs
    Full Commercial Yes
    Home Use Yes
    Warranty Specification 1 year
    Brand Physical
    Installation Available No
    Length (mm) 330
    Diameter (mm) 135