Osim uDiva 3 Plus Smart Sofa

SKU OS-8211 BR

Newly enhanced for your smart lifestyle
The uDiva 3 Plus creates a space of your own for you to celebrate moment together with loved ones or simple unwind with a well deserved "me-time". Pamper yourself with comfort in every moment - together, or alone. 

Modern yet timeless
With 2 different materials and rose gold finishing, the uDiva 3 Plus stands out from the crowd with its unique contemporary design that fits in every home interior. 

Perfect design for different interior style
The uDiva 3 Plus massage sofa comes with a matching cushion for a sleek, polished look.

Productivity meets style
Ease into work by making the uDiva 3 Plus an indispensable ally of your living room, home office or studio. Maximize your productivity and performance without sacrificing on comfort and style. 

Small footprint to maximize your living spaces
The uDiva 3 accommodates even the snuggest of spaces, perfect to fit in every corner of your home.