Escape Octagon ISO Wall Mounted Rig


The Octagon ISO is a multifunctional, strength-focused group cross training station that allows six people to work out on and around the frame.

Sitting flush against a wall, the slimline Octagon ISO is the ideal solution when space is limited, easily allowing you to maximise your gym floor.


The Octagon ISO attachments include:

  • 1 x Torso Trainer

  • 2 x Weight Horns

  • 1 x Pull-Up Station

  • 1 x Pro Grade Adjustable Squatting Station

  • 1 x Battle Rope Anchor Point

Other colour options available, please call for details. The product above does not include bars, Battle Rope or plates



The ISO accommodates up to three users at the frame but up to six people can effectively work around the ISO.

This is achieved by having three people at the frame itself and three using functional equipment.

Trainers can rotate people circuit style, which makes good business sense for the gym and maximises the training experience for members.



Brand Octagon
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New