Oaxmi Series-9 4D Massage Chair - FREE UK EXPRESS 48HR INSTALLATION


Enjoy a zero-gravity experience, taking pressure off your tired back, neck and shoulders and increasing oxygen supply.

Lose yourself in four luxurious dimensions for an all-round body massage.


Enjoy 10 built in auto massage programs, knowing these healing hands will never get tired!

The soothing luxury of six heated massage rollers applies soothing warmth right down to the soles of your feet.

The 4D Massage Chair is whisper-quiet, and needs only 8cm clearance from the nearest wall.

Its sleek lines will look perfect in any setting, letting you relax in front of the TV or while listening to music. Connect to the built-in USB or MP3 connectors to listen to the sounds you want from two built-in, high-quality speakers.

4D Massage Tech

Ultra-long 4D curve rail technology provides multi-angle all-round body massage with superior execution technique similar to traditional hand massage.

Super Silent

With a noise level measuring below 50 db, the Oaxmi Massage Chair is quiet enough to watch TV without disturbing anyone else. Most other massage chairs available today register 70-80 db during working mode.

Bionics Body Detection System

The Oaxmi Massage Chair is fitted with a bionics intelligent system that can monitor body features (neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttocks) to provide a deeper and much more effective massage.

Zero Gravity Massage Experience

Creating comfortable massage posture (imitating Zero Gravity conditions) helps reduce heart and spine pressure and increases oxygen supply to the brain, thus improving sleep quality while eliminating fatigue.

Fast Reversal Technique

The Oaxmi Massage Chair provides the most comfortable massage experience possible: kneading, tapping, knocking and shiatsu- along with the added special features of finger kneading and back rubbing-allow for a more effective and powerful hand massage manipulation.

Pioneering Heating Massage Roller

Featuring on infrared carbon fibre back heating source, the Oaxmi Massage Chair’s roller system is able to apply beneficial warmth as it massages the shoulders, back, waist and buttocks as well as the soles of the feet.

Micro Space Intelligent

The Oaxmi Massage Chair only requires an 8 cm minimum clearance to the wall, as it has been designed to allow it to slide forward by up to 30 cm using the Zero Gravity extension features

Green and Energy Saving

The Oaxmi Massage Chair uses less energy, operating at 240W with a standby energy consumption of only 1W, which meets the ECO standard.

Built in-Auto Massages

The Oaxmi Massage Chair is able to provide Chinese, Thai, Relax, Rhythm and Yoga back massage.


Brand Oaxmi
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Months (Extendable)