Nautilus Throwdown FXD Bench

SKU TD-FXD-C-35-35-V35T

Elevate your group training space with the Throwdown FXD Bench! Compact and versatile, this bench has everything needed to work every muscle group in the body. Its solid construction is rugged enough for step ups and box jumps and features a jack leaver to easily engage the wheels and move the bench effortlessly. The dual articulating bench provides an easy transition from horizontal to seated incline, and every position in between and contains plenty of storage space for fitness accessories.


  • Platform height (16.9” | 42.9cm) to maintain your base in the push and pull positions, while optimizing step-up and glute training
  • Push Position: 30°, 45°, 60°, 70°
  • Pull Position: 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°
  • Resistance rails create a variety of training options by providing a multitude of anchor points across bench edges
  • Drop Down caster wheel allows for easy transport
  • Additional large storage compartment that can stow anything from personal items to training accessories
  • Steel frame, molded foam cushion

Accessory Kit Includes:
4 KG Dumbbells x2
6 KG Dumbbells x2
8 KG Dumbbells x2
10 KG Dumbbells x2
8 KG Kettlebell x1
14 KG Kettlebell x1
8 KG Slam Ball x1
Level 1 Sleeved Resistance Tubes x2
Level 2 Sleeved Resistance Tubes x2
Level 3 Sleeved Resistance Tubes x2
Resistance Tube Handle Attachments x2
Resistance Tube Ankle Attachments x2


W: 16.5 IN (42 CM)
L: 44.1 IN (112 CM)
H: 16.9 IN (42.9 CM)