MYO Strength Soft Plyometric Platform - 7.5cm

SKU MYO14865

MYO strength Soft Plyometric Platform - 7.5cm

MYO Strength produces the highest grade of quality products for the gym environment, from free weights to flooring Myo strives to bring the best out of our customers training facilities.

Develop power, reactive strength and get that heart rate up! These colourful Soft Plyo Boxes from MYO Strength are a great choice when it comes to jump training and plyometrics.

Thanks to their soft high density foam covering, the plyo boxes absorb impact and decrease stress on the joints when landing to eliminate the chance of injury.

Covered by a hardwearing, anti-skid vinyl, they’re robust, safe and offer a soft landing. Lightweight, they’re easy to move around from place to place.

These plyo boxes are designed to work individually or together as a set and can be stacked together up to a height of 1600mm. The boxes are attached together with strong Velcro straps to help ensure safety during use.


Brand MYO Strength
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Months Warranty