Lifestyle 365 Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat with Linen Bag

SKU LS365-Cork-Mat

Not all yoga mats are equal, some are thicker for more cushion under your feet, some are lighter for ease of transport from home to class; ours is a combination we feel takes this to the next level.

Our yoga mats are made from cork and natural rubber, have a 5mm thickness for that just right feel under foot, are sustainably sourced and each mat comes with a linen over the shoulder style bag - we think that this could be the icing on the yoga cake !!

The dimensions of the mat are as follows 6 feet by 2 feet and they are 5mm thick. They weigh around 2kg including the bag.

About this product:

Cork is a resource that Is renewable: No trees are cut down for cork harvesting. Hand harvested every 9 to 12 years. Each tree can produce cork for about 200 years.

Cork Is Biodegradable: It’s recyclable & biodegradable. Production cork waste is reused and ground to make other cork products.

Cork Uses Magical Ingredients: It’s anti-static, water-resistant, &
resilient. Suberin makes cork naturally resist dust, water and insects! Cork absorbs energy on impact and quickly regains its structure.

Antimicrobial: Cork is highly antibacterial.

No toxins or chemicals: No chemicals or PVCs that harm you or our planet. So-called eco-friendly TPE or other materials are plastic.

Each mat is eco within itself due to the materials used but all our packaging at Lifestyle365 is also eco friendly. Each mat is rolled in compostable tissue paper with Soy ink logos on and a compostable logo sticker to hold the paper in place.

We used recycled paper for all shipping documents
Our boxes to ship the mat to the customer is made from recycled cardboard. We are proud to be a part of the eco alliance for all our packaging

Product Specification: 

It is anti-slip. The sweatier you get the more anti-slip the cork surface becomes.

It has great cushioning for the joints. The high density of the natural tree rubber provides a great cushioning for the joints and the cork surface feels really good on the body.

It is extremely easy to clean! Cork itself is anti-bacterial, so we say just wipe it down with water after your practice.

  • Cork’s anti-microbial properties resist smell, dew and molds.

  • The natural tree rubber used doesn’t have the odour you typically get from

    other rubbers. Say goodbye to smelly mats

Each mat is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. The environment is not hurt! The cork used is harvested bt stripping down the bark without harming the trees and it grows back every few years. 100% natural rubber is used NOT recycled rubber tyres.

To make a PVC mat it causes pollution, then to degrade the mat it causes pollution.

When you are breathing on your chemical mat, you actually inhale the chemicals unlike a cork mat! Also as time goes on the chemicals from your chemical mat transfer on to your body.

  • They have an excellent durability!

  • Cork surface is warm under foot and insulates heat and cold.