Life Fitness IC8 Power Trainer Indoor Cycle


Please note - due to high demand this product is currently on a 3-5 week lead time.

A high-performance indoor cycle for serious riders and a challenging power trainer for all athletes. The IC8 feels like a road bike because it is inspired by the movement of road and triathlon cycling. The handlebars include drops, hoods and time trial forearm rests. A 155mm Q Factor provides the feel of a real road bike. The result is added comfort and improved pedal stroke efficiency. The chain-driven freewheel provides complete control of accelerations and allows for coasting to recover. With greater power accuracy, wattage and performance data than any other indoor cycle, the IC8 delivers superior results for facilities running cycle-specific coaching, high-intensity interval training and endurance training.

The WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 was redesigned and reengineered for IC6, IC7 and IC8 Indoor Cycles. It is a robust computer that features intuitive exerciser navigation and high-speed connection. The computer has a bright, self-powered, fully integrated TFT screen and a front LED display, which simultaneously displays individual training intensity for the user and the trainer.

Exercisers can connect their Myzone heart rate monitor via Bluetooth(R) or ANT+ and input their maximum heart rate to see their Myzone colour zone in real time throughout their workout.

Wattrate® TFT Computer with Polar View

Bluetooth® & ANT
+ Connection
0 - 3800W Magnetic Resistance

Oversized Chain with Automated 
Tensioning System
Freewheel Drivetrain

Pro Performance Handlebars

Advanced Bike Fit


User Assist Posts

Full-Cover Shroud

Arc Frame Access

Oversized Stabiliser Bars with Levelling 
Padded Unisex Performance Saddle