Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle


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More than 20 years ago, Keiser set out to create an exercise bike that would exceed the demands of indoor group cycling: An indoor bike that fits riders of all body shapes and sizes; a bike that achieves a quiet — but true — road bike experience inside your gym or home; and the ONLY stationary bike built in the United States to ensure the tightest quality control. And we accomplished it all with the Simplest of Engineering Designs.



The Keiser M3i is the industry’s only indoor group cycling bike built entirely around YOU – that’s YOU the rider, YOU the gym owner and YOU the service technician. Game-changing features on the M3i include:

  • V-shape frame to accommodate all riders
  • Rear-wheel design for protection from sweat and corrosion
  • Magnetic-resistance technology for greater repeatability and reduced wear
  • Quiet, reliable and low-maintenance single-belt drive train
  • Revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal
  • Bluetooth® wireless signal for open API for tablets and smartphones


Two options for connected riding
Both backlit display options on the M3i include cadence, power, Kcals, heart rate, ride time, and more. Both also connect to popular group exercise packages as well as Keiser’s M Series apps.

Studio Display

The Studio Display is perfect for the studio owner who wants to offer connected group exercise with a narrower selection of health and fitness apps and training content.

M Connect Display

Great for home or studio, Keiser’s M Connect Display can connect the rider to a wide array of popular, third-party apps and content and popular group exercise packages and Keiser apps.

Keiser M3i Pedal


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Automatic backlit digital display
  • V-shape frame and handlebar combo to accommodate all riders
  • Rust-resistant design includes stainless steel hardware and rear flywheel
  • Revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal
  • Quiet, low-maintenance magnetic-resistance belt-drive system
  • Magnetic resistance delivers road-bike experience and ensures a smooth ride
  • Lightweight and superior ease of transport
  • With more than 300,000 M Series bikes sold, there’s no more proven bike worldwide
  • Robust adjustment knobs require less maintenance than cam-lock
  • Four-way adjustable seat

HEIGHT: 1143 mm / 45"
WIDTH: 660 mm / 26"
LENGTH: 1245 mm / 49"
WEIGHT: 38.56 kg / 85 lbs