Jordan Urethane Fractional Change Plates


NEW - Urethane Fractional Change Plates

Designed to push weightlifting athletes to their limits, this urethane fractional change plate set helps new weightlifters and pro’s alike, add smaller weights to track progress more effectively.

  • Made with a steel core, these plates have been finished with a high quality urethane coating in easily distinguishable colours.
  • Essential add on for those looking to beat their personal best or for Personal Trainers helping clients improve lifting capability at a steady pace
  • Great for beginners, especially women and children starting out
  • Suitable size centre for all standard Olympic bars
  • Sold individually unless bought as a set

Weights In Set:

2 x 0.5kg

2 x 1kg

2 x 1.5kg

2 x 2kg

2 x 2.5kg