Torque Tank M4



The ALL-NEW TANK™ M4 is the evolution of the Torque Tank surface sled. New to the M4, it's double braking system allows different resistance levels to be set depending on which side of the TANK you’re pushing or pulling from, as well as eliminating the need for weight to be added to the sled.  With an additional accessory tray in the middle for storage, performance handles are now standard, with weight horns now an optional accessory for more serious performance athletes who wish to use the TANK for intense towing exercises.

Just like the TANK™ M2, the sleds tyres allow it to be used on any surface without fear of damage or noise. Choose from three levels of resistance on either resistance brake to switch up the intensity of your workout either in different runs or in the same run. Torque’s TANK™ is bi-directional, meaning that there is no need to turn the fitness sled around as you go about your workout. Each grip point has a firm rubber coating which allows the user to get a tight hold. The power and burst that TANK™ provides makes it the ultimate push and pull sled for any commercial gym or leisure centre.

What accessories does the M4 GT package include?

The TANK™M4 GT package turns this Torque Tank into a complete sled training system that you can programme group classes around. The package combines the TANK™ M4 with a group accessory kit which contains:

  • 2 x V-Strap Handles
  • 2 x Padded Waist Harnesses with Tow Straps
  • 2 x 1.5″ x 30′ Tow Ropes with Quick Attach Carabiners
  • 2 x Combination Cable Locks
  • Waterproof Nylon Drawstring Bag
  • Crash Bumpers

These combined features create a versatile piece of group training equipment that provides incredible savings. The GT package accessory kit allows you to utterly customise your sled weight training workout experience. Depending on which accessories you use, you can tailor your workout to address several different muscle groups at once for a full-body workout.

Perfect for group training, you can train alongside other athletes for that extra moral support. 

Torque Tank Features:  

Resistance that feels dangerous can be backed down instantly during the run to a level that feels safer depending on the user’s age, conditioning level, and fitness goals.

The Experience
Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a novel exercise experience that users love

All TANK™ models enable High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) in which bursts of acceleration and speed for 14 minutes of a TANK™ workout is the equivalent of an hour on a treadmill.

A Group Anchor Station is available that houses all the weights and training tools selected for a 10 person group TANK™ workout, with portability to any location inside or outdoors.

10 year warranty on frame and welds and 1 year on parts and finish on workmanship and materials

Key specs: 

Product Dimensions (L X W X H): 133 cm x 81 cm x 94 cm
Product Weight: 89.8 kg