Jordan Swivel Viper Belt


Portable and extremely durable Viper Belt to improve strength as well as power and effectiveness of lateral movement.

Product Information:

  • Includes 1 Pro Flexi-cord
  • Great resistance training tool that builds lower-body and core strength
  • Additional strap with large stainless steel ring allowing for swivel/lateral movement
  • Fully adjustable webbing waist belt with easy-release nylon clips
  • Three, stainless steel resistancefastening points
  • Pro Flexi-Cord™ featuring latex surgical tubing and elongation limiting safety governor
  • Fixed resistance leash
  • Anti-Shatter, nylon connection clips
  • Large stainless steel cuff
  • Anti-rot webbing and anti-rot twine
  • Wide, fully adjustable belt designed for resistance training
  • Thick padding for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Safe, Anti-Shatter connection clips featuring easy lock/release mechanism
  • Unique locking safety strap
  • Add more Pro Flexi-Cords to increase resistance and add variation
  • Supplied with Pro Flexi-Cord and fixed resistance leash
  • Tubing manufactured to SAQ exacting standards using surgical latex materials
  • Safety sheath protects users from recoil in event of hose breakage
  • Stainless steel carabiners at each end for easy connection to Viper Belt and other attachment points
  • Max extension 2.5 times resting length (6.25 metres)
  • Anti-Rot protective safety sleeve
  • 2.5 metres in length


Brand Jordan
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Month Warranty