Jordan Premium Urethane Dumbbell Set 2.5-62.5kg with Horizontal Racks

SKU JLUD3-P4-P6 / JTDR-09N / JTDR-08-10N GRY

Jordan's toughest dumbbell yet, these brand new for 2019 newly designed premium polyurethane dumbbells won’t be seen to scuff or mark your gym floor.

  • Heat-treated steel dumbbells with weights coated in heavy duty and odorless polyurethane
  • Great for a comprehensive number of upper-body strength exercises, from shoulder press through to chest press and bicep curls
  • Heavy weights available, so ideal for CrossFit, bodybuilding and heavy strength training
  • Available in a variety of weights (2.5kg – 75kg)
  • Superior five-year warranty

The dumbbells are stored as below:
2.5kg-25kg - 10 Pair Rack
27.5kg-37.5kg - 5 Pair Rack
40kg-50kg - 5 Pair Rack
52.5-62.5kg - 5 Pair Rack

Rack Dimensions:
5 pair racks - Length 1225mm x Depth 530mm x Height 840mm
10 pair rack - 1 x 10kg rack is: Height 840mm x Length 2450mm x Depth 530mm