Jordan Lifting Club Olympic Bumper Weight Plates


Available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg, our raw recycled monster rubber weight plates are as strong as they get, ready for deadlift drops, squats and more. 
  • Made from recycled rubber, delivering the eco-friendly seal of approval, these bumpers are the perfect plate for garage and home gyms, as their hi-temp construction minimises noise and vibrations during lifts (and drops).
  • With a stainless steel 50mm insert, you can smoothly add/remove these bumpers to/from any Olympic Bar.
  • Made in Europe, our bumper plates have travelled only a short distance to be with us, so you can feel good about the reduced environmental impact and minimised CO2 emissions, as a result of its short journey to the UK. 
  • Due to the recycled rubber compaction, these plates are a little bigger than normal (20kg+)- ready for a monstrous lifting workout of up to 150kg.

Weight Plate Thickness:
  • 5KG - 30mm 
  • 10KG - 60mm 
  • 15KG - 88mm 
  • 20KG - 115mm 
  • 25kg - 140mm