Jordan Lifting Club 7ft Olympic Bar


When it comes to weightlifting, you need a good reliable Olympic Bar to streamline your Snatch, Clean and Jerk. Our entry level 7ft Olympic Bar, is perfect for beginners and experienced lifters, looking for a reliable, quality barbell for their Garage Gym/Home Gym.

  • Forged from solid steel, with a durable hard chrome coating, this 32mm grip Olympic Bar, has a range of knurling positions, to ensure a sweat resistant grip
  • Featuring quality grade bearings, you'll be able to practice faster movements, with a smoother feel.
  • Weighing 21.5kg, this Olympic bar can lift a whopping 650kg as standard, so it's a great bar for building strength at home (most other bars at this price will only guarantee 350kg maximum weight).


Length: 2200mm | Diameter: 50mm | Grip: 32mm | Weight 21.5kg
Tested to 725kg