Jordan Half Hex Trap Bar


This 7ft Open-Ended Trap Bar is a great alternative to the classic Hex BarIdeal for deadlifts and shrugs, and one of the few bars you can also lunge with, this unique design is built for commercial use, yet also a perfect training partner for your home/garage gym.

  • Includes integrated loading jack (with rubber feet) to ease the loading of your 50mm Olympic Bumpers and Discs
  • Open-ended with double the handles (grips 28mm/50mm) to maximise hand positioning to work your biceps and triceps like never before
  • Great for those new to deadlifting requiring limited technique as easier to perform with this impressive bar, reducing the load on your lower back
  • Made from solid steel, powder-coated in a slick matte black finish with chrome coated sleeves for durability
  • Weight: 27kg Approx
  • Length: 2013mm (sleeves: 380mm)
  • Diameter: 50mm sleeves for Olympic Bumpers
  • One year warranty
  • Tested to hold up to 1000kg