Inspire Fitness Squat Rack


The Inspire Fitness Squat Rack brings professional commercial equipment into your home for fast and profound muscle development. Its versatile design offers a pull bar, spotter arms, Olympic bar and weight plate storage. Free weight training with a barbell is one of the most effective exercise variations in weightlifting.

With 7 different barbell levels to choose from, and 2 movable safety spotters, the Inspire Squat Rack guarantees diversity and variety for your workouts. With the ability to withstand loads up to 270kg, the rack is super stable, and also makes the perfect pull up station. The integrated pull up bar provides optimum grip and can handle weights up to 120kg. Strengthen your back and develop a masculine V-shape using the squat rack. 

When used in combination with the Inspire Fitness SCS or FID weight bench, the Squat Rack offers even greater  possibilities. Exercises like rows, dead lifts, and squats are enhanced and intensified. Flat or incline bench press, neck press, or kickbacks are a few of the countless options. Your entire body will benefit from this power package.

With the compact, space-saving Squat Rack, storing your weights has never been easier. The rack includes 4 weight holding bars, 30mm in diameter, which support 90kg each. Olympic sized weights also fit. A barbell of at least 198 cm in length is needed. 

Product features

  • Versatile multi-purpose rack for squats, bench presses and pull ups
  • Creates a powerful and strong training atmosphere anywhere in your home
  • Includes pull up bar, spotter arms, Olympic bar and weight plate storage
  • Works all muscle groups
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish
  • Vertical Olympic bar storage and weight horns make for easy organising
  • Self-locking, chrome plated spotter arms
  • Solid 1" inch steel, chrome plated weight horns for both Olympic and standard weight plates
  • Heavy duty solid steel delivers a durable, long lasting frame
  • Barbells, weights, and weight bench are not included in the price
  • Available add-ons: FT1 Bench, SCS Bench or FLB2 Folding Bench
  • Hi-tech design
  • Matte black and chrome


Dimensions (D x W x H): 122 x 168 x 201cm (48 x 66 x 79 inches)

Product weight: 113kg (250lbs)

Weight capacity: 363kg (800lbs) 

Warranty: Home: lifetime frame Light commercial: 10 years frame, 1 year parts